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The TRC is a fox in the henhouse. I waited nearly 2 years for a decision on a complaint of underhanded dealings in a joint-ownership property. Ms.Della Lindquist, "temporary head" of this commission, upon hearing my dismay, offered to give my complaint to yet "another attorney" at the commission.

Another attorney?

What happened to real people instead of real-estate people? This agency is heavily weighted toward a dubious set of characters.

I was forced to sell at a very unfortunate time. No help, no reprimands, no dividends.Ten more words are now required. Thanks for listening today.....

Monetary Loss: $88.

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I'm in a joint effort to sell also, the realestate sales person put their lisc. on hold and has goine to work for the othetr owner after telling me she needed more $$$$!!!!

Can;t believe how crooked this state is. This ain't MAYBERRY.

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